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Feb 2, 2016

The Woman’s Group Tampa is proud to announce that our own Dr. Serrano spoke as the key note speaker at a special event this month, sponsored by the South Tampa Junior League on the topic of “Well Woman Care”.

Dr Serrano on womens health at the Junior League Tampa

Dr. Serrano presented to a group of more than 100 attendees at the event, covering the ways in which a woman should view her special healthcare needs and how she can monitor various aspects of her health, including how she should address common issues that emerge. The South Tampa Junior League is a group which promotes the development and success of young women in the Tampa Bay area.


Are you ready for something New? It’s a New Year, so it’s time to focus on YOU!

We have the perfect opportunity! Come join us at our “New Year, New You” Aesthetics Fair on February 20, 2015 at 5:30 pm in our South Tampa Location.  At this event, you will be able to speak to our practitioners and staff about our most popular aesthetics products and services.

We will provide you with information and answer your questions about:

   -Botox                – Weight Loss

   -Juvederm           – Vaser

   -Voluma               – Obagi

   -FemiLift              – and MUCH MORE!


We will also be offering the BEST DEALS OF 2015  for those that attend the event and we will be giving away some amazing PRIZES!

Let’s kick this New Year off right!      

Questions? Call: Vanessa Rigal, Aesthetics Coordinator  (813)769-2778, ext 229


Please RSVP by February 13, 2015. Send name(s) of those attending to email listed above.


February 11, 2015

Did you know The Woman’s Group was the 2014 bright house™ networks Central Florida business of the year?

You can watch our commercial airing on the bright house™ networks in the Tampa area right here! Great thanks to the bright house media networks team for a fun experience making the commercial and a wonderful finished product!

You can also learn more about our practice and our services by reviewing the primary services and the specialty services tabs on our website.

October 15, 2014

Some of our patients may see a television commercial with one of our key physicians, Dr. Madelyn Butler, discussing her views on Amendment 2 in Florida.

These ads will continue to be run between now and the November 4th vote on the Amendment, throughout Florida.

Though this is Dr. Butler’s personal opinion, The Woman’s Group is receiving phone calls, emails, and reviews online (both positive and negative) about her position.

Below you can find Dr. Butler’s personal statement regarding her position.

“In response to both concerns and support for my personal position on Amendment 2; as a compassionate community physician serving the Tampa area, it is my position that responsible healthcare for chronically ill patients involves prescribing scientifically proven treatments for disease or injury.  The Florida Medical Association and groups of former Supreme Court Justices are in agreement that Amendment 2 is bad for Florida.  I do not receive any payment for the ads or to express my views, and appreciate the right to voice my views to those who may be interested in my thoughts as a medical professional.  Additionally, I respect your individual right to have your own opinion.”


~ Dr. Madelyn Butler
For those interested in watching the television ad, you may view a YouTube version at this link: Dr. Madelyn Butler Opinion Ad 

For those interested in reading more about Dr. Butler’s thoughts on the subject, you may read her Op-Ed in the Orlando Sentinel below or go directly to the article HERE.


Additionally, there are many more views and opinions both for and against Amendment 2 online that can be researched and reviewed.

The Woman’s Group, as a practice, offers this statement to our patients and to the public:


“In response to both concerns and support messages regarding Dr. Madelyn Butler’s position on Amendment 2;  The Woman’s Group proudly serves women of all ages in the Tampa area with compassion and integrity.  One of our key physicians, Dr. Madelyn Butler, publicly opposes Amendment 2, citing her compassion for serving chronically ill patients by prescribing scientifically proven treatments for disease or injury.  The Florida Medical Association and groups of former Supreme Court Justices are in agreement that Amendment 2 is bad for Florida.  Neither Dr. Butler nor The Woman’s Group receives any payment for the ads or Dr. Butler’s opinion. The Woman’s Group recognizes Dr. Butler’s right to voice her views as a medical professional to those who may be interested.  Additionally, as a practice, we respect your individual right to have your own opinion and view.”

The Woman’s Group appreciates each of our patients, and is thankful for the understanding being shown to our practice as we respect the rights and opinions of each individual.


June 2, 2014

The Woman’s Group has been featured in the Osprey Observer! 

The new Riverview office has gained The Woman’s Group a feature in a local publication. ‘State of The Art Patient Care’, written by Libby Hopkins of the Osprey Observer,  can be read on our blog HERE or at the publication website HERE. 



April 30, 2014

Dr. Pamela Twitty, a physician with The Woman’s Group, is the first doctor in the Tampa area to perform a robotic-assisted hysterectomy through a single incision.  A traditional hysterectomy is performed through a 5-7 inch incision, which leaves a noticeable scar and can take 1-2 months in recovery time.  Laparoscopic hysterectomies use multiple smaller, but still visible, incisions.  However, the da Vicinci assisted procedure, pioneered by Dr. Twitty in the Tampa area, is performed  through a single 1 inch incision in the navel. 


The Woman’s Group is proud to announce the opening of its newest  office at:

13005 S. US  Hwy. 301, Riverview, FL 33578.

The office opened on February 17, 2014.

Please call us at 813-347-4080 for an appointment!

You can make an appointment HERE. To modify existing appointments, please call 813-347-4080.
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